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I'm using Java 8 lambdas and want to use Collectors toMap to return a SortedMap. The best I can come up with is to call the following Collectors toMap method with a dummy mergeFunction and mapSupplier equal to TreeMap::new.

public static <T, K, U, M extends Map<K, U>> Collector<T, ?, M> toMap(Function<? super T, ? extends K> keyMapper, Function<? super T, ? extends U> valueMapper, BinaryOperator<U> mergeFunction, Supplier<M> mapSupplier) { BiConsumer<M, T> accumulator = (map, element) -> map.merge(keyMapper.apply(element), valueMapper.apply(element), mergeFunction); return new CollectorImpl<>(mapSupplier, accumulator, mapMerger(mergeFunction), CH_ID); }

I don't want to pass in a merge function though, as I just want throwingMerger(), in the same way as the basic toMapimplementation as follows:

public static <T, K, U> Collector<T, ?, Map<K, U>> toMap(Function<? super T, ? extends K> keyMapper, Function<? super T, ? extends U> valueMapper) { return toMap(keyMapper, valueMapper, throwingMerger(), HashMap::new); }

What would be the best practise method of using Collectors to return a SortedMap?

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I don't think you can get much better than this:

.collect(Collectors.toMap(keyMapper, valueMapper,
(k,v) ->{ throw new RuntimeException(String.format("Duplicate key %s", k));},

where the throw lambda is the same as throwingMerger() but I can't directly call that since it's package private (you can of course always make your own static method for that like throwingMerger() is. )

Seems that there's no standard way to do this without defining your own throwingMerger() method or using explicit lambda. In my StreamEx library I defined the toSortedMap method which also uses my own throwingMerger().

Based on dkatzel's confirmation that there's not a nice API method, I've opted for maintaining my own custom Collectors class:

public final class StackOverflowExampleCollectors {

private StackOverflowExampleCollectors() {
throw new UnsupportedOperationException();

private static <T> BinaryOperator<T> throwingMerger() {
return (u, v) -> {
throw new IllegalStateException(String.format("Duplicate key %s", u));

public static <T, K, U, M extends Map<K, U>> Collector<T, ?, M> toMap(Function<? super T, ? extends K> keyMapper,
Function<? super T, ? extends U> valueMapper, Supplier<M> mapSupplier) {
return Collectors.toMap(keyMapper, valueMapper, throwingMerger(), mapSupplier);


Another way you can do this is to allow Collectors.toMap() to return whatever map it is going to return, and then pass that to a new TreeMap<>().

The caveat there is that this only works if your "hashCode()+equals()" and "compareTo" are consistent. If they aren't consistent, then you'll end up with the HashMap removing different set of keys than your TreeMap.

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