Is there method like python popitem for associative arrays in dlang?

I want to get any key/value pair from associative array and remove it. In python it's:

key, value = assoc.popitem()

In D I do:

auto key = assoc.byKey.front; auto value = assoc[key]; assoc.remove(key);

Is there better way to do this? Is it possible to use byKeyValue() outside foreach?

DMD 2.067.1

-------------Problems Reply------------

Is it possible to use byKeyValue() outside foreach?


import std.stdio;

void main()
int[string] assoc = ["apples" : 2, "bananas" : 4];

while (!assoc.byKeyValue.empty)
auto pair = assoc.byKeyValue.front;
writeln(pair.key, ": ", pair.value);

Is there better way to do this?

I don't think D has a library function equivalent for popitem.

Before even thinking about it, I'd point out that you could write a simple function:

import std.typecons;

Tuple!(K, V) popitem(K, V)(ref V[K] arr) {
foreach(k, v; arr) {
return tuple(k, v);
throw new Exception("empty!");
void main() {
int[string] cool;
cool["ten"] = 10;
cool["twenty"] = 20;
import std.stdio;

Or using byKeyValue:

auto popitem(K, V)(ref V[K] arr) {
foreach(item; arr.byKeyValue()) {
return item;
throw new Exception("empty!");
void main() {
int[string] cool;
cool["ten"] = 10;
cool["twenty"] = 20;
import std.stdio;
auto item = cool.popitem();
writeln(item.key, item.value);
item = cool.popitem();
writeln(item.key, item.value);

Generally, I like to encourage people not to be afraid of writing their own functions. If you can express something with a few existing things, just write your own function, give it a name you like, and use that! With the uniform function call syntax, you can easily even write extension methods for built in types, like I did here, and use it as if it has always been there.

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