Is there a "touch slop" constant for iOS?

On Android, there is a "touch slop" concept, representing the minimum distance "a touch can wander before we think the user is scrolling". Is there a similar concept / constant on iOS that we can use?

Reference for Android:

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Here's my use case: I'm actually implementing a custom gesture recognizer for general UIView. It should fire touch down, touch up & click event when appropriate. The desired effect would be to simulate how UIControls respond to touch gestures on general UIViews. The problem is, when the UIView is inside a scrollview, the click event should not fire when the scrollview starts scrolling. So I'm merely seeking for a read-only access to the constant, or wondering if such a constant is commonly agreed.

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A "touch slop" property only applies if you are using a UILongPressGestureRecognizer. (Take a look at the allowableMovement property.) The system handles all the gesture classification logic for you behind the scenes. If you need this functionality for a normal UIPanGestureRecognizer, you should implement your own UIGestureRecognizer subclass. More information on subclassing can be found in the documentation.

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