Is Method overloading is also known as static polymorphism?

Iam just newbie to java In the below code I have oveloaded print method between two different classes

Based on object at runtime only corresponding print method will be executed.If my understanding is right then how can we say method overloading is considered to be static ploymorphism

class Parent { private int arg; public void print(int arg) { this.arg=arg; System.out.println(arg+"printed"); } } class Child extends Parent{ private String arg; public void print(String arg) { this.arg=arg; System.out.println(arg+"printed"); } public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub Parent p1=new Parent(); Child ch=new Child(); p1.print(1); ch.print("String"); } }

Please clarify me.Thanks in advance

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Try reading this , may clear your doubts about how polymorphism works Can't access object in the array java

Yes, this is compile-time(static) polymorphism - given that you could write code such as :

Child ch=new Child();

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