Is it possible to install these add-ons in IE 10 (Windows 8)?


Is it possible to install the following add-ons in IE10 on Windows 8?

Diagnose Connection Problems


I am also required to have the "Sun Java Console" add-on, but I do not see it listed even though I do have the latest version of Java installed. I assume this add-on may be for older versions of IE.

Thank you.

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Research is now part of Microsoft Office and is no longer supported in Windows 8 as add-ons for Internet Explorer. Diagnose Connection Problem is a feature and it is not external add-ons and whenever page doesn't display it will appears.

For Java, you should install the latest version from Java website:

Note that Internet Explorer App from start screen doesn't support Java or other add-ons (except for Flash Player) and it only works in IE desktop.

Thanks for your quick and helpful response!
thanku 4 the useful informaction

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