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I am building a web site which supports IPhone also. Now I am quite confused as to find a way to upload the IPhone photos to my website. Also it seems the "input type text" also doesnt work in IPhone. Have anybody worked on it....please suggest.

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If you want to handle photo/video uploads using iPhone's Safari, you can integrate with something like cliqcliq Quickpic. The support page has a bunch of details: https://www.cliqcliq.com/support/quickpic/ and it's just a bit of Javascript.

Text inputs work on the iPhone, however jQTouch has a weird way of handling forms and page loads for that matter. Basically it reloads just the "content" part of the page.

You have a couple of form examples in the jQTouch download. Try looking at what's happening when you submit forms with Firebug ( http://getfirebug.com ) and also try to log what your server receives from your forms.

Mostly, please remember that you only need to serve part of a page for jQTouch.

Good luck with your app.

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