iOS: how to distribute a "parallel" app version for ad-hoc beta testing

I'd like to start doing limited beta testing of an iOS app. I know how to do regular ad-hoc distribution of my existing app, but I've had one of my potential beta users tell me that when they test other apps, they end up having a separate app installed alongside the production one. But I don't know what the other developers are doing to create this.

Do I need to burn up a fresh app ID registered with Apple (and app name that will never be real) to accomplish this for my beta users?

If so, is there a reasonable way to manage this within a single Xcode project?

Thanks from anyone with experience here. I know I'm toying with the line of "programming question", but this is certainly the community with the right expertise. Thanks! :)

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Just set a different bundle identifier in your Info.plist.

Personally, I create three configurations in my project (Debug, Ad Hoc, App Store) and then define a user-defined build setting for each config (BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER) in which I set the different bundle IDs.

In my Info.plist, I can then set the bundle ID as ${BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER}.

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