Internet Explorer 11 browser activity while cell phone is charging

Try this experiment: I did with my old and new cell phone, two different brands of android phones and two different carriers (even though one phone is connected to the internet via my Belkin Wi-fi router to the Internet as it no longer has dedicated US cell carrier service).

  1. Open Internet Explorer 11 on your laptop.
  2. Connect a micro-USB charging cable (connected to a wall charger) to your android phone.
  3. Next, place the phone on top of your laptop's touch pad.

I did just that and watched the mouse (cursor) started to move around in the open IE browser window like it was possessed or on a Ouija board. It increased the zoom on the webpage, opened up tabs, launched other url addresses, highlighted text, launched the Pandora player, muted my audio and resized the icons on my desktop. This I observed happen in real time. I used the browser back button to see what it had done while I was not watching.

In all fairness, this activity first appeared with IE11 open, the phone was being charged while partially resting in the touchpad after being left unattended a week or so ago. I noticed the activity again today while one of the phones was resting squarely on the touchpad. I tried Firefox, at first nothing happened but now as I am typing this in Firefox 29.0.1 the browser windows is being zoomed to 200% but after several additional tries I think I can label this activity in Firefox to be sporadic.

In CHROME, it only zooms my Yahoo homepage, and with no browser open no cursor activity was detected. I have to think that laptops and computers in general are protected against a fair amount of electromagnetic interference and this would also extend to the touchpad. As a device I have no bluetooth services turned on either phone unless this is a hidden vulnerability that exploits the android phone as a proximity device. A heavy metallic (non-electronic) object placed on the top of the touchpad did not cause any cursor movement, nor did placing my bluetooth headphones on the touchpad while connected to the same USB charging cable. My laptop is an Acer touchscreen ultrabook running win 8.1. I would be happy to know if other users can recreate this on their laptops with either android or iphone. I think every icore laptop on the planet has a ELAN touchpad.

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