Instead of update, nested form creates a new one Rails

I have a form with 2 nested forms for a Professional (certificates and trainings). Each one has the association accepts_nested_attributes_for in the Professional model. I can create a new professional with his certificates and training. When I save, however, instead of updating the certificates and trainings a new one is created.

My Professional controller:

def edit @professional = Professional.find(params[:id]) @component = Component.all cert = Certificate.where('professional_id = ?', params[:id]) cert.each do |certificate| @certificate = certificate end tra = Training.where('professional_id = ?', params[:id]) tra.each do |training| @training = training end @work = Work.all @charge = Charge.all @entities TypeEntity.where("id IN (1,5)").each do |tent| @entities << tent.entities end @reg = @major = Major.all @action = 'edit' render layout: false end def update profesional = Professional.find(params[:id]) if profesional.update_attributes(professional_parameters) flash[:notice] = "Se ha actualizado correctamente los datos." redirect_to :action => :index else profesional.errors.messages.each do |attribute, error| flash[:error] = flash[:error].to_s + error.to_s + " " end # Load new() @profesional = profesional render :edit, layout: false end end private def professional_parameters params.require(:professional).permit( :name, :dni, :professional_title_date, {:major_ids => []}, :date_of_tuition, :code_tuition, :professional_title, :tuition, :cv, certificates_attributes: [ :id, :professional_id, :work_id, :charge_id, :entity_id, :num_days, :start_date, :finish_date, {:component_work_ids => []}, :certificate, :other, :_destroy ], trainings_attributes: [ :id, :professional_id, :type_training, :name_training, :num_hours, :start_training, :finish_training, :training, :_destroy ] ) end

This are the models:

class Certificate < ActiveRecord::Base has_one :charge belongs_to :professional end class Professional < ActiveRecord::Base has_and_belongs_to_many :majors has_many :certificates has_many :trainings accepts_nested_attributes_for :certificates, :allow_destroy => true accepts_nested_attributes_for :trainings, :allow_destroy => true end class Training < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :professional end

The form begins with this:

=simple_form_for([:biddings, @professional], html: { multipart: true }) do |f|

after that I have the 3 forms in a bootstrap wizard.

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Make sure you have ID attribute in Hash in your Edit form. As your Model has One-to-Many,

For each hash that does not have an id key a new record will be instantiated, unless
the hash also contains a _destroy key that evaluates to true.

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