index "Inner Objects" in PHP Elasticsearch

I am trying to indexing inner object in Elasticsearch. I am writing it to use this in a running environment where field name "title" should contain another field named "stitle". So "stitle" i can't make it as a field. "stitle" have to be a field inside of "title" field.


foreach ($xml->file as $obj) { $doc = array(); $doc["description"] = (string) $obj->desctiption;


I am writing like so, so when i try to follow the inner object like so

$doc{"title": ["stitle"]} = (string) $obj->short-title;

it gives php error and "nested objects" i guess will not fix my issue since i should name it like "title" and a property of title should be "stitle".

i am using PHP to indexing at Elasticsearch.

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