Inbox is showing wrong count of mails

my outlook mail inbox was showing a wrong count of mails.As there are about to 75mails in my inbox,but it was showing only 12

Original Title: mail inbox count

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Thank you for posting your concern in Microsoft Community.

I understand that your Inbox is showing wrong count of mails. Let us see how I can help.

I recommend that you filter your unread messages. Below are the steps.

1. Login to your account via this link:

2. Once you're on your Inbox, Click the drop-down arrow beside "View: ALL" under "New"
3. Select Unread
4. Check if you'll be able to see most of your emails

For us to review and investigate your concern, we’ll also be asking you to provide the affected email address on the Private Message that I’ve created for you. Kindly click on "You have a private reply to this message" link just above your post to view the message. Note that you need to be signed in to the Microsoft Community to view the link.

We'd love to hear from you again.


That doesn't work. my count is way off. I have no unread emails but it says 12 unread in the inbox.

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