in-app billing for unsupported countries

I want to use Google Play's in-app billing for one of my applications. But it seems I can't use it.

First problem is that according to supported locations for merchants my country - Turkey - is not in the list.

And as a second problem, my app is listed on some other markets except Google Play. Google Play in-app billing overview section In-app Billing Requirements and Limitations says that In-app billing can be implemented only in applications that you publish through Google Play. Therefore even if Turkey will be in merchant list in the future, I could not use Google Play's in-app billing for other markets. Is that right?

Then I thought using other APIs like ZooZ, (Actually, I did not examine them deeply, but I guess they do what I want)

But this time I read in Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement that All fees received by Developers for Products distributed via the Market must be processed by the Market's Payment Processor. Is that a problem for using such APIs? If so, what should I do for in-app purchase?

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If your country is not supported, you can't really use In-App billing for your app. You could look at alternate stores, for example, Amazon app store. they have recently implemented In-App billing.

The simple answer for Google Play would be "No" for now, till Google supports Turkey.

Get a bank account in a country that does support merchant accounts.

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