Improving HTML5 video and jQuery code to be more efficient

My web page has 5 videos on it. Only when you hover over the video will it begin to play. My code for this is as follows:

$(".service:nth-child(1) a").hover(function(){ $('.service:nth-child(1) a video#bgvid').get(0).play(); },function(){ $('.service:nth-child(1) a video#bgvid').get(0).pause(); });

I have used :nth-child because if I hover over video 4, it plays video 1 so I have to be specific. This means I have to repeat the above code for every video but change the :nth-child number accordingly. I'm not particularly skilled with JS but there has to be a better and more efficient way of doing this?

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Untested but this should get you started. Ha, a pun. this. Get it?

$('.service a').hover(function(){
}, function(){

See also:

Like brad said, using this will allow you to get the currently hovered element. However, afaik jQuery doesn't give you access to the HTML5 video API through their object, so you'd need to do something like:

$('.service a video').hover(function(e){;
}, function(e){;

When you bind a function to an event, this will always be the object on which the event was triggered. Calling $(this) returns a jQuery'd object

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