Importing Subversion to GIT: problem with subpaths

We currently run a big subversion repository, and I'm trying to move it to GIT. The problem is that it uses trunks and tags below the root directory. For example:

MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\trunk\ <-- master branch MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\branch\v1 <-- other branch MyDepartment\MyOS\Project1\tags\v1_20100101 <-- release tag

There are different departments, OS's, and many different projects.

So when I clone the SVN repository using --stdlayout:

git svn clone --stdlayout http://svn-repository/

The clone ends up empty. Without the option, I get a clone, but then branches are treated as directories on the master branch.

  1. Is there a way to import this directory structure in one go?
  2. If I write a script to import all the Projects separately, is there a way to combine the per-project GIT imports into one big GIT repository?

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If I understande the question correctly, you want:

git svn clone

Update: you can include more then one --branches and --tags:

git svn clone

You cannot have more the one trunk evidently.

Git is really designed to support one project per one repository and not multiple projects in one repo. I suppose you will hit many problems trying to use it like that.

Look into Git submodules. You'll probably have to import each of your subprojects separately, but the result may mirror your current usage a little better.

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