Importing an svn branch into git

I am new to git, and have a subversion repository that I want to be able to import into a git repository occasionally (for deployment). So I want to perform most of the updates using svn but wanted to see what's the best way to push it to git (just the default/master branch).

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I know you only want to import the master/trunk branch of your svn repository, but I would like to mention svn2git in order to import your svn into a git repository.

It is better than git svn clone because if you have this code in svn:


git-svn will go through the commit history to build a new git repo.
It will import all branches and tags as remote svn branches, whereas what you really want is git-native local branches and git tag objects.
So after importing this project, you would get:

$ git branch
* master
$ git branch -a
* master
$ git tag -l
[ empty ]

After svn2git is done with your project, you'll get this instead:

$ git branch
* master
$ git tag -l

Finally, it makes sure the HEAD of master is the same as the current trunk of the svn repo.

Why not just work in git on your workstation too? That would be the most straightforward.

  • git svn clone will grab your SVN repository and import the revisions into a new git repo.
  • If you need to push to a remote git repository for deployment, then git remote add will add it for you.
  • If you need to push back to the SVN repository then git svn dcommit

in a nutshell:

mkdir my_blog_tmp
cd my_blog_tmp
git-svn init --no-metadata
git config svn.authorsfile ~/Desktop/users.txt
git-svn fetch

and congrats for joining us gits! Here is a great cheat sheet for (ex)svn users.

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