Import/commit to svn branch from a different codebase

I am trying to migrate to svn from a not-so-famous version control system (lets call it nsfvc). svn trunk was created some time ago from nsfvc's trunk. There is an active branch in nsfvc that I have to import to svn branch. The diff between nsfvc's trunk and branch is huge (updates, renames, additions, deletions, moves).

How do I go about doing this? I am guessing it is not as simple as...

svn co http://mysvn/repo/branches/branch c:\workspace # replace files in c:\workspace svn add svn ci

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I hope I'm not misunderstanding, but my advice is:

  • create the svn branch from the nsfvc branch the same way you created the svn trunk from the nsfvc trunk. (I assume svn import?)
  • at this point you should have mirrored the state of the nsfvc repository in the svn repository
  • you should now be free to svn merge between the svn trunk and svn branch. svn merge is simply the process of applying diffs. You needn't setup some special connection between the trunk and the branch.
  • assuming you are running svn 1.5.x or 1.6.x, you can use svn mergeinfo to track subsequent merges between the trunk and branch
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