Implement navigation feature in android Google maps

I'm trying to implement navigation feature for my map activity in android.

I want it like how it is done in ola app. Marker should move along the poly line dynamically detecting the change in device's location.

my code:

private void setUpMap() { MapHelper mapHelper = new MapHelper(mMap); ArrayList<Marker> markers = new ArrayList<Marker>(); Marker origin = mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(sourceCoordinates). title("You are here"). icon(BitmapDescriptorFactory.defaultMarker(BitmapDescriptorFactory.HUE_GREEN))); Marker destination = mMap.addMarker(new MarkerOptions().position(destinationCoordinates). title("your destination"). icon(BitmapDescriptorFactory.defaultMarker(BitmapDescriptorFactory.HUE_RED))); markers.add(origin); markers.add(destination); mapHelper.zoomToFitMarkers(markers.toArray(new Marker[markers.size()])); mapHelper.drawRoutePath(WalkingDirectionsOnMap.this, sourceCoordinates, destinationCoordinates, false, Color.BLUE); }

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