IE9 - Windows 7 - Manage Add-ons Search Provider keeps popping up

Having a rather annoying problem guys.

I hit a system restore last night (only for the previous day) and since then IE 9 (on Windows 7) is playing up a bit.

Problem A: Everytime I booted IE up it gave me this error message "a program on your computer has corrupted your default search provider setting for Internet Explorer". Looking on the net I saw advice to reset IE, which I did. The error message is gone but now it always brings up the Manage Add-ons-Serach providers box up. Now it used to be Bing that was my search provider (not that I ever use it). Thinking it might be corrupted I added a new one (Google) and removed Bing, however still it has the same problem. I have downgraded it to IE8. I have tried an earlier restore point. I have tried disabling add ons. I have pretty much tried everything I could find on Google and on this site, barring editing the Registry (No clue how to do this, plus have heard bad stuff about it going wrong)

Problem B: The only success I had was when I created a new User Profile. I didn't get the box pop up. I was happy to migrate over to this one, however when copying the files from my old one to a new one (following MS' instructions on the internet) I got a error saying I didnt have the correct permissions to move files, despite being logged into a Admin account.

So does anyone know a way to solve Problem A? If not does anyone have any ideas about solving Problem B?

PS. I have run Anti virus software to check if its that and it hasn't found one.

Thanks in advance guys.

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From your issue description, I understand that Your search provider keeps popping up. Please let me know if you are not facing this issue.

Step 1: I would suggest you to check if the issue occurs in safe mode with networking.

Advanced startup options (including safe mode)

Step 2: If the issue is fixed in safe mode, then I would suggest you to perform clean boot and remove the program that is causing the issue.

How to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
Note: Follow step 3 from the clean boot article KB929135 to reset the computer to normal mode.

Hope this information is helpful and do let us know if you need further assistance with Windows in future. We will be glad to assist.

PS. I have run Anti virus software to check if its that and it hasn't found one.

Your AV might be implicated in the symptom.



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