IE7 not parsing variable in Javascript function

I have this simple Javascript function that works fine in IE8, FF and others, but not in IE7.

function changecss(theClass,element,value,sheet) { var cssRules; var added = false; var mySheet = document.styleSheets[sheet]; if (mySheet['rules']) { cssRules = 'rules'; } else if (mySheet['cssRules']) { cssRules = 'cssRules'; } else { //no rules found... browser unknown } //more code here }

IE7 fails on this line

var mySheet = document.styleSheets[sheet];

if I enter the value that I am trying to parse manually, the function works fine.

The function is called using a document ready function

<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() { var sz = parseFloat(ReadCookie("fs")); if (!isNaN(sz)) { changecss("div.panes","font-size",sz+"px",0); } }); </script>

Any idea what this means? i'm puzzled.

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