I had a worm on my pc so i tried re installing my xp disc

and it asked for a cettificate of authenticy but the numbers were worn off the sticker and all i have are my oem numbers now my pc is stuck. any hope of getting back what i had? i just want it to work

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well im surprised this has not been answered already

let me be clear if the xp installation has already formatted the hdd (im supposing you only have one hdd aka local disc c:) then all your previous data is gone although possible to recover in certain situations its a time consuming and costly operation in some cases much simpler would be one of the following choices

1: a clean install of windows xp professional sp3

2:an updated o/s (operating system)<ie. windows 7>

i would definitely steer away from the vista option for the same specs you get much more in win 7

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