I can not get Google Gmail to work with IE9

I use Vista and IE9, I can not get Google Gmail to work. I want to uninstall IE9 and use IE8 which did work but IE9 is not in my Programs & Features......help!

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ie9 is under programs and features control panel.

however, it is listed under the "updates" section and near the bottom of that listing.

I'm sorry to say it isn't listed there, any other ideas?


that's pretty odd because both ie8 and ie9 should be listed as "windows updates", instead of "programs"

but here are some other methods to try:


To get Gmail to work, you have to do these steps

right click on the GEAR at top right

select Command Bar

Now you will see Page, Safety and Tools

Select Tools and click on Compatibilty View Settings

Select Google.com and hit remove

that will fix everything

Internet Explorer is not a part of Program and Features!

To uninstall IE9 you must go to Update, View Update History in left column, Uninstall Update. Then search for Internet Explorer 9 (use search box at top) and uninstall it. This will revert Internet Explorer back to version 8.

@Lee Scaife, thank you for the information. I was just about to uninstall I.E.9 because I could not watch any type of videos, including YouTube, links did not work on some web pages and other problems.

Using your suggestion allowed me to get my favorite video website back. I have yet to determine if other problems can also be fixed by your suggestion.

Although I was not the original OP, I thank you very much.

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