How to use opencv in Unity3d?

I installed unity3D. I created a basic AR sample on it. I want to use opencv on unity3d. To do,there are some ways. I want to use opencvsharp. I install opencvsharp2.4.10 because I have installed opencv2.4.10.

I don't know next step? How I can integrate opencv with unity3d? I don't find heplful tutorial. I use 64bit and windows8.


I learned that we can use c++ code(includes opencv function) in unity3d. I created dll using by visual stuio 2013. Guide link is here. Now I try to call substract function in unity.

[DllImport ("MatFuncsDll")] private static extern double Subtract(double a, double b); void Update () { if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)) { /*Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay (Input.mousePosition); float dist; plane.Raycast (ray, out dist); v3OrgMouse = ray.GetPoint (dist); v3OrgMouse.y = 0;*/ mTrackableBehaviour.gameObject.transform.position = new Vector3 ( mTrackableBehaviour.gameObject.transform.position.x + (float)Subtract (1, 0.5), mTrackableBehaviour.gameObject.transform.position.y, mTrackableBehaviour.gameObject.transform.position.z); } }

When I run this code I get EntryPointNotFoundException:Substract. I put MathFuncDll under C://Program Fİles(x86)/Unity/Editor and same directory Assets-Library under unity project.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Check this link: OpenCV + Unity3D integration

Also there is Paid Plugin at unity Store: (it supports mobile platforms)

Link at the store!/content/21088

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