How to use embedded jetty with maven overlays

I'm writing extension to java web application. I add this application to my extension with maven overlay plugin and use web.xml file and webapp folder from main application. Also I want to write integration test platform for my extension with jetty embedded server. I've tried

@Test public void jetty() throws Exception { Server server = new Server(9090); WebAppContext context = new WebAppContext(); context.setDescriptor("WEB-INF/web.xml"); context.setResourceBase("src/main/webapp"); context.setContextPath("/"); context.setParentLoaderPriority(true); server.setHandler(context); server.start(); server.join(); }

But jetty can't find web.xml file from overlayed project. How i need to write the path to web.xml and webapp directory to make embbedded jetty work?

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