How to skip install phase in Maven build if I already have this version installed in repo

I have a project that consist of 3 different libraries. When I run install script it takes all libraries from repo and run mvn clean install on them. But this version of library already installed in repo. Is there a way to skip install phase if version in pom.xml equal version in my local repo.

I know that I can use local repo and just set dependencies. But my boss want that our project can build only with public repos and without any our repos.

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You can bypass like this



Last week Olivier Lamy patched this jira.


Most maven plugins can be skipped by specifying something like:


you can also set up build profiles to set properties and use that to determine the value. for example, running the command: mvn -Pexample would select the "example" profile. The POM would then contain:



Using these POM additions, the default behavior for the install plugin will be to perform its default goal, but if the example profile is selected, then the install plugin will skip its goal.

I know that I can use local repo and just set dependencies. But my boss want that our project can build only with public repos and without any our repos.

Are you sure you understood correctly what you boss meant? I interpret the above as "don't install third party libraries in your local repository, use only libraries available in public repositories". This is different from "don't use your local repository" which is basically impossible, that's just not how maven works. I'd try to clarify this point.

Apart from that, I don't get the question which is very confusing (what repo are you talking about? What is the install script doing? Why do you call clean install on libraries? etc).

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