How to show 'please wait' and avoid GUI hang ?

I wrote application that contain 2 activities. In the first one - i need to give the user the option to choose image from the gallery and i send this image to some server. The Server return some result - and if the result is OK i need to show the second activity.

The problem that i have ..

  1. when sending the image - i see that the screen is become black ... I want to avoid this and show some nice GUI of 'please wait' - how can i do it ?
  2. i want to make this sending image to the server to be from other thread - how can i do it from android ? how to define new thread with callback that will be called when the thread is done ?

Thanks for any help.

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For question number 1:

You should use a ProgressDialog or a ProgressBar in order to show to the user that an operation is being executed. For more information you can check here:

For question number 2: A good solution would be to use AsyncTask for this operation which gives you a set of callback functions to control the operation. For more information you can check here:

Hope this helps for now!

Use an asynctask. It would go something like this:

public void sendImage() {

protected class SendToServer extends AsyncTask<Void, Boolean, Void>

protected void onPreExecute()
//display your dialog

protected Boolean doInBackground(Void... arg0) {

//code to send your image to the serve

protected void onPostExecute (Boolean updateSuccess)
//close your dialog
//If image was successfully sent open your other activity

  1. you can define your custom layout and use the Activity.setContentView method to put whatever you want in your GUI. For instance you can put a ProgressBar widget.

  2. As you have noticed, you wrote your android app in Java SE. Thread are fully supported.

This question has an answer which addresses the problem. Use that answer as a start, and let us know if you have any problems with some specific part.

Download image for imageview on Android

Good luck

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