How to set PowerPoint 2003 to see .potx files when creating new presentations from templates

Hi there,

I have some .potx templates and I want to be able to create new presentations from them in PowerPoint 2003.
I do File->New, which opens the New Presentation pane on the right. There, under Templates, I click "On my computer...". But then I get lists of only the .pot files to choose from, and I can't see the .potx files!

I know that a way around it is to open a new presentation by clicking "From design template" instead, then click "Browse" at the bottom, look for the templates folder, and I can view all files by selecting "All files (*.*)". This opens a new presentation with my template visible under the Slide Design pane, but I don't have my original text layout. I get the correct layout only by creating a (second) new presentation, and then the .potx template that I've just used appears in the list of Recently used templates, and it opens fine.

But what I really want is to be able to select the .potx file from the template list in the first place, without this workaround!! This is because it is a company template: most users will have PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, but some still have 2003 and they must be able to open the templates without fiddling around every time.

Please help!!

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In PowerPoint, when u open or save a template, it will show only pot templates not potx.

you will have to manually go to the location an open.

the problem is with PPT 2003, it might show earlier version file extensions but not later versions.

Thanks for your answer,

I know that when you double-click on the file it opens fine, and I would personally be happy with this option. But these are company templates, and in an ideal world people would be able to open them from inside PowerPoint with New etc. (because this is what they are used to with the old .pot ones...!).

Maybe there is a filter or so that makes sure that only .pot files are displayed. If anybody knows how to add .potx files as well, it would be great help

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