How to serialize form data into an object with nested properties

Given the following inputs:

<input name="person[1]['first']" /> <input name="person[2]['first']" /> <input name="person[3]['first']" />

I want to serialize this into an object like so:

person = { 1: {first:value}, 2: {first:value}, 3: {first:value} }

Is this functionality available in jQuery or javascript now? or will I have to write a function to do it?

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You can use, when it is inside <form> tag:


You're looking for serializeArray()


Adding short example on a form submit:

$('#container').on('submit', '#myForm', function(e) {
var data = $(this).serializeArray(); // $(this) contains the form element
console.log(data); // will output serialized data
console.log(; // will output email input value (if any)

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