How to select listbox item by ValueMember

If I have two items with the same DisplayMember but a different ValueMember and i want to select one of the two items programmatically, how do i do this?


123 -> Peter Pan 234 -> John Doe 345 -> Peter Pan

I can not select the last Peter Pan by doing

Listbox1.FindStringExact("Peter Pan");

because this only returns the first occurence The following also doesn't work, because it only sets the selected item, but doesn't show it in the list:

Listbox1.SelectedItem = dataTable.Rows.Find(345);

Who can help me with this one?


Found some more info myself, the list is sorted, therefore when I update the DataTable (which is used to fill the list) the list is resorted, and it seems to select the item that was in place of the edited item.

Listbox1.FindStringExact does only work if the DisplayMember is different

-------------Problems Reply------------

You can use the SelectedValue property of your list control:

Listbox1.SelectedValue = 345;

You must assign data via DataSource property of ListBox control, not via Items.Add. After that you can use ValueMember to select items:

listBox1.DataSource = GetPeople();
listBox1.DisplayMember = "Name";
listBox1.ValueMember = "Id";

// Now you can use
listbox1.SelectedValue = 345;

UPDATE: Items is a member of ListBox class, but SelectedValue is a ListControl property, which can use only DataSource.

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