How to save submitted form image field before clean method in Form Wizard (Django 1.2)

I get "This field is required" error for image field on submitting a form in Form Wizard.

class SignupForm(forms.ModelForm): username = forms.CharField( label = _("Username*"), max_length = 30, widget = forms.TextInput() ) image = forms.ImageField(label = _("Profile picture*"), required=True) class Meta: model = Profile fields = ('name','gender','birth_date',)

This is my last form in form wizard. On submitting this form I got username and other fields in clean method but not the image. Is there a way to save image before validation of this form to avoid "This field is required" error?

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To upload your images through Form Wizard you should change the file "django/contrib/formtools/". These changes are mentioned in this Ticket If you dont want to change djnago code then simply copy "formtools" folder into your apps then make changes there and instead of using:

from django.contrib.formtools.wizard import FormWizard


from formtools.wizard import FormWizard

Also set enctype="multipart/form-data" of your template form.

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