How to position images according to background image and not window browser

I have asked this question before but no one seemed to get what i was saying since it was in writing so i have now made a 2:12 min. video where I illustrate my problem.

the link to the video:

The relavant css code for this problem:

#BackgroundImage{ position: absolute; width: 100%; hight: 100%; } #Frame{ position: absolute; width: 34.68%; height: auto; } #Logo{ position: absolute; width: 19.32%; top: 8.5%; left: 5%; height: auto; }

I have made a fiddle aswell where you can find the relavant html code aswell in case any needs it.

Thx in advance for any contribution!

-------------Problems Reply------------

Your top:8,5% refers to the height. What if you refer to the width? Try to refer the misure to the width in this way:


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