How to manipulate a running software with python?

How can i manipulate a software while it running using python?


I open a notepad on Windows 7 without write any word on it

How to manipulate a running software with python?

then i make program in python that he receive a string and when the user click on send button it write the String into notepad.

How to manipulate a running software with python?

if i write "abc" into python software and click on send button this should be the result:

How to manipulate a running software with python?

Is it possible make a python script to manipulate the memory and add this string to notepad?

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You can use the windows scripting host to send keys. Works on Python 2.7

import win32com.client
shell = win32com.client.Dispatch("WScript.Shell")

You can fine more on this blog.

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