How to insert a new line into database and read value onto my webgrid in razor MVC 3

I am using Razor, MVC3 with Poco entities.

While inserting into the database I am using Enviroment.NewLine as a seperator between two texts.

oldValues += " Name = '" + oldName.Name + "'" + Environment.NewLine ; oldValues += " Age = '" + oldName.Age + "'" + Environment.NewLine ;

I am then assigning this oldValues string object to one of my columns in the database.

But when I am reading this value onto my webgrid, the formatting does not appear as expected.

What could be the problem here ?

Please suggest me some methods, I have also tried appending

<br />

tags too.

Expected Output in one of my webgrid column:

Old Values are

Name = Yasser

Age = 24

and New Values are

Name = Yasser R

Age =25

Actual Output in one of my webgrid column:

Old Values are Name = Yasser Age = 24 and New Values are Name = Yasser R Age =25

-------------Problems Reply------------

That's the behavior of HTML. You can wrap your text with <pre>Your String Here</pre> and it should display the text as you're expecting it.

With some help from Paul, I have managed to solve this problem

here is what I am using now

logGrid.Column(header: "Message", columnName: "Message", format: @<pre>@item.Message </pre>), mvc 3 Views:0 Time:2012-04-17

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