How to include last updated row in RoR

So I have two models, Category and Topic and any category can have many topics.

The question is, how do I query for all categories and include each category's last updated topic?

If I do something like this

class Category < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :topics has_one :last_updated_topic, -> {order(updated_at: :desc)}, class_name: 'Topic' end

and query like that ->


then it works, but what scares me, is that I have a SQL query loading the topics like that:

SELECT "topics".* FROM "topics" WHERE "topics"."category_id" IN (1, 2, 3) ORDER BY "topics"."updated_at" DESC

so it loads all the topics, which there can be thousands, when I need only last updated ones for each category.

So I wonder if there is a simple way to solve this problem without writing custom SQL or if I am wrong about something?

Should I use this instead? ->

SELECT categories.*, t.title as last_topic_title FROM "categories" LEFT JOIN (SELECT topics.* FROM topics ORDER BY topics.updated_at DESC LIMIT 1) t ON = t.category_id

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You can use inner query :

has_one :last_updated_topic, -> { where(updated_at: Topic.maximum(:updated_at)), class_name: 'Topic'

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