How to get to the next level of Assocation in an EF4 EntityDataSource?

I've used EF4 EntityDataSources to do DataBinding with success, but here's a case where I'm stumped:

Table "CurrentComplaintsByUsers" has a foreign key over to a "Complaints" table. So in EF, I can access a CurrentComplaintByUser record, and navigate to its parent complaint like so:

var ccU = dataContext.CurrentComplaintsByUsers.First(); var parentComplaint = ccU.Complaint;

When I whip up an EntityDataSource based on CurrentComplaintsByUsers to bind a gridview, I want to get over from the "Complaint" object to an Assocation of Complaint called "Status". Here's a StatusID in my Complaint table, and so in code I can hit a complaint's status like so, including the Status properties:

string statusLabel = parentComplaint.Status.LabelText;

FAILURE: when I try to bake this all into an EntityDataSource, I can't get from my starting item "CurrentComplaintsByUsers" over to "Status". Here's my EDS:

<asp:EntityDataSource ID="edsCurrentCases" runat="server" ConnectionString="name=EOCaseDataModel" DefaultContainerName="EOCaseDataModel" EnableFlattening="False" EntitySetName="CurrentComplaintsByUsers" Include="Complaint, Status"> </asp:EntityDataSource>

My error is this:

System.InvalidOperationException "A specified Include path is not valid. The EntityType 'EOCaseApp.CurrentComplaintsByUser' does not declare a navigation property with the name 'Status'."

I'm trying to get to the point where this works in my Gridview:

<%# ((CurrentComplaintsByUser)Container.DataItem).Complaint.Status.LabelText %>

So, using declaritive markup only, how do I get to a related objects associations from the EDS? (I can do it in code, just trying to use the EDS exclusively when I can)

Other notes: if I remove "Status" from the "Include" in the EDS, then I get a NULL ERROR when it hits ..Complaint.Status.LabelText in my Gridview, pretty much what you'd expect.

-------------Problems Reply------------

Try changing Include="Complaint, Status" to Include="Complaint, Complaint.Status" in your EntityDataSource Views:1 Time:2011-03-03

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