how to get the return values from JavaScript function inside of Html?

I have a html form

Inside of this form in select option i have called one java script function like

<form> <SELECT NAME="sel" onChange="split('1')"> <OPTION VALUE=1>Milk</option> <OPTION VALUE=2>tea</option> <OPTION VALUE=3>water</option> <OPTION VALUE=4>coffee</option> </SELECT> </form> function split(str) { var str=str+str; return str; }

Now i need to get these return value on inside of the form for example in another select

<SELECT NAME="sel123" > <OPTION VALUE="str">Milk</option> </SELECT>

can anyone help me?

-------------Problems Reply------------

HTML can't do anything with variables. It isn't a programming language.

You aren't very specific about what you want to do, but it will probably involve writing JS to perform DOM manipulation.

You can have a place where you can display the value. For example.

function split(str)
var str=str+str;


Here is an example on how to move option from one list to another:

Remember to download and put a reference to jQuery library.

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