How to Get IMEI on Android 5 in firemonkey?

I try to get IMEI on android device and i can do this on android 4.2 successfully

but my written code does not work on android 5 and later

how do get IMEI on android 5 in firemonkey?

-------------Problems Reply------------

Here is a code snippet which gets the Android device IMEI for you using the Android JNI :

Androidapi.JNI.Telephony, Androidapi.JNI.Provider ,
Androidapi.JNIBridge, Androidapi.JNI.GraphicsContentViewText ,

event :

procedure TForm1.btnCapturarIMEIClick(Sender: TObject);
obj: JObject;
tm: JTelephonyManager;
IMEI: String;
obj := SharedActivityContext.getSystemService(TJContext.JavaClass.TELEPHONY_SERVICE);
if obj <> nil then
tm := TJTelephonyManager.Wrap( (obj as ILocalObject).GetObjectID );
if tm <> nil then
IMEI := JStringToString(tm.getDeviceId);
if IMEI = '' then
IMEI := JStringToString(TJSettings_Secure.JavaClass.getString( SharedActivity.getContentResolver, TJSettings_Secure.JavaClass.ANDROID_ID));

ShowMessage('IMEI :' + #13 + IMEI);


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