How to find the width of the div or check wheather horizontal scroll apeear or not?

I want to print the page (div) if there is no horizontal scroll appear for that div. I have a div (1000px) with dynamic data which having property overflow:auto;. So, i want to print the div only if div's width is not getting crossed. to achieve this i used following method of a javascript

var curr_width = parseInt(;

But it gives 1000px; only althogh i can see horizontal scrollbar for the div.

What should i do to achive this.

Can i check wheather horizontal scrollbar is appear for the div or not.

Any help is appreciated.

NOTE:- i don't want to use any javascript library.

-------------Problems Reply------------

scrollWidth, clientWidth did the trick

var mydiv = document.getElementById("grid_print");
if (mydiv.scrollWidth > mydiv.clientWidth){
alert("limit exceeds")

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