How to embed Excel table in Powerpont that automatically updates?

I am trying to embed Excel tables into a presentation that will automatically update when I change the Excel file. I have been using Paste Special to Embed Object with Link. I paste in the Excel area that I want - so far so good. But when I click Update Link to refresh the table with external excel data, it overwrites the Excel region I pasted in with the entire spreadsheet.

Example: I have about 20 Excel tables on 5 different worksheets in a master file (multiple tables on each sheet). Table 1 is from A1:E10. I copy/paste A1:E10 into Powerpoint and Embed Object with Link. When I close down the file and open up again, and click Refresh Links the Table that was A1:E10 suddenly becomes A1:Z100. Basically the entire worksheet now shows where just one section was embedded before.

How do I define which rows and columns the embedded table should include from my master Excel file? I have tables on multiple worksheets in that file, all of which are embedded into seperate powerpoint slides. I dont want to have to re-embed every time I update?

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There is no Embed Object with Link option. What exact steps are you using and what options do you choose?

It should do exactly what you want if you:

- Select the part of the table you want in Excel and copy

- Switch to PPT, choose Paste Special, select Paste Link and make sure to choose "Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object" under "As". Sometimes that option doesn't appear in the list; if not, go back to Excel and try copying again.

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