how to display multiple polylines from directions in google maps?

i want to draw multiple polylines on the google map, for multiple routes. for this i am using google.maps.DirectionsService

function drawPolyline(source,destination,waypoints){ // show route between the points directionsService = new google.maps.DirectionsService(); directionsDisplay = new google.maps.DirectionsRenderer( { suppressMarkers: true, suppressInfoWindows: true }); directionsDisplay.setMap(map); var request = { origin:source, destination:destination, waypoints:waypoints, travelMode: google.maps.DirectionsTravelMode.DRIVING }; directionsService.route(request, function(response, status) { if (status == google.maps.DirectionsStatus.OK) { directionsDisplay.setDirections(response); } }); }

but when i call this method multiple times, only last polyline is appearing. and i want different colors for different polylines.

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Directions lets you inspect the route:

The DirectionsResult object has and array of routes[], which allows you to get a set of encoded polylines that makes up the route:

if (status == google.maps.DirectionsStatus.OK)


You can use the routes[] array to construct Polyline overlays as Scottux mentioned.

You need to use a polyline for each, not a directions renderer.

var line = new google.maps.Polyline({clickable:true,map:map,path:"some lat,lngs"});

Please look at the api here: Options are listed here:

The DirectionsRenderer isn't very flexible for drawing lines, it is simply a helper for simple direction functionality.

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