How to disable buffering in Java HttpURLConnection for multi-part form post?

(This is for a signed applet and I have decided against HTTPClient to keep my jar very small)

I am using HttpURLConnection to successfully upload a file from the user to a server using multi-part form post.

The problem is that HttpURLConnection is caching the data -- before sending it. So when I am reading from the file and writing to Outputstream, it is merely buffering the data -- and therefore my progress bar, that shows the upload status , is completely wrong. Howevere please note that the form post code works and the file does get uploaded correctly with return code of 200.

So how do I ensure that HttpURLConnection does not cache the data that I am sending to the server ?

Here is my source:

public UploadResponse send(String formPostUrlStr,String fileFieldName,File targetFile, Map<String, String> valuesMap, UploadStatusListener uploadStatusListener) throws Exception{ String sendStr=getBoundaryMessage(Boundary, valuesMap, fileFieldName, targetFile.getName(), valuesMap.get("content-type") );//"image/png") ; System.out.println(" multi-part start \n "+ sendStr+ " multi-part end \n"); String lenstr=Long.toString((long)(sendStr.length()*2)+ targetFile.length()); System.out.println("Content-Length"+ lenstr); //Content-Length URL url= new URL(formPostUrlStr); long startTime= System.currentTimeMillis(); HttpURLConnection s3Connection = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection(); System.out.println("opened url to "+ formPostUrlStr +", connection ok .."); s3Connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "multipart/form-data; boundary=" + Boundary); s3Connection.setRequestProperty("content-length", lenstr); s3Connection.setDoOutput(true); s3Connection.setDoInput(true); s3Connection.setUseCaches(false); s3Connection.setInstanceFollowRedirects(true); s3Connection.setAllowUserInteraction(true); s3Connection.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", "Mozilla/4.5"); if (uploadStatusListener != null) { uploadStatusListener.statusUpdate(targetFile.length(), 0); } String debugStr= s3Connection.toString(); System.out.println("conmnection "+ debugStr); DataOutputStream httpOut = new DataOutputStream(s3Connection.getOutputStream()); System.out.println("opened DataOutputStream ok .."); httpOut.write(sendStr.getBytes()); //httpOut.flush(); System.out.println("httpOut.flush 1 ok .."); FileInputStream uploadFileReader = new FileInputStream(targetFile); long totalBytes = uploadFileReader.available(); if (uploadStatusListener != null) { uploadStatusListener.statusUpdate(totalBytes, 0); } System.out.println(" uploading file with size "+ uploadFileReader.available()); int bufSize = 102400; long availableBytesToRead; long totalSent = 0; while ((availableBytesToRead = uploadFileReader.available()) > 0) { byte[] bufferBytesRead; bufferBytesRead = availableBytesToRead >= bufSize ? new byte[bufSize] : new byte[(int)availableBytesToRead]; int count =; try{ httpOut.write(bufferBytesRead); totalSent += ((long) count); System.out.println(" wrote bytes = "+count+ ", total sent = "+ totalSent +", pendingSize"+ (availableBytesToRead-count) ); } catch(IOException ioe){ System.out.println(" io exceotion e"+ ioe.getMessage()); throw ioe; } //httpOut.flush(); if (uploadStatusListener != null) { uploadStatusListener.statusUpdate(totalBytes, totalSent); } } // FILE DATA END httpOut.write(("--" + Boundary + "--\r\n").getBytes()); // form end httpOut.write(("--" + Boundary + "--\r\n").getBytes()); httpOut.flush(); httpOut.close(); long endTime= System.currentTimeMillis(); System.out.println("Completed Writing Data to S3 Connection in "+ (endTime-startTime)+"ms.,now waiting for rsponse code "); int code=s3Connection.getResponseCode(); long endTime2= System.currentTimeMillis(); System.out.println("Completed Sendind Data to S3 in "+ (endTime2-startTime)+ "ms., rsponse code time "+ (endTime2-endTime)+"ms. "); UploadResponse uploadResponse = new UploadResponse(); uploadResponse.setCode(code); System.out.println(" response code : " + code); StringBuilder response = new StringBuilder(); byte[] respBuffer = new byte[4096]; if (code > 300) { if (code == 404) { throw new Exception("Error 404"); } BufferedReader err = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(s3Connection.getErrorStream())); String ret; StringBuffer buff = new StringBuffer(); while ((ret = err.readLine()) != null) { buff.append(ret); } uploadResponse.setMessage(buff.toString()); System.out.println(" error :"+ buff.toString()); err.close(); } else { BufferedReader inp = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(s3Connection.getInputStream())); StringBuffer buff = new StringBuffer(); String ret; while ((ret = inp.readLine()) != null) { buff.append(ret); } inp.close(); uploadResponse.setMessage(buff.toString()); if(buff.toString().contains("fail")) throw new Exception("Upload failed"); } System.out.println(response.toString()); return uploadResponse; }


-------------Problems Reply------------

I have the same problem. I didn't find any other solution than writing my HTTP request on a raw Socket. Did you find a better workaround ?

EDIT : I just did : we just have to use obj.setFixedLengthStreamingMode(12345) on the HttpURLConnection object obtained from url.openConnection(), where 12345 is the length of POST request body.

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