How to detect Theme fonts in Powerpoint 2007 VBA?

Does anyone know how to detect the use of Theme fonts in Powerpoint 2007 slide objects using VBA? If one looks at Shape.TextFrame.TextRange.Font.Name the font name appears as simple name (ex: "Arial") whether or not the font was assigned as a fixed name or a Theme name (subject to change with the document theme). I don't see any other property in the Object Model that would flag the name as tied to a theme (such as ObjectThemeColor for colors).


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There is no direct method (that I know of), however you can check with an If/Then:

Sub checkthemeFont()
Dim s As Shape
Set s = ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes(1)
Dim f As Font
Set f = s.TextFrame.TextRange.Font

Dim themeFonts As themeFonts
Dim majorFont As ThemeFont

Set themeFonts = ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.Theme.ThemeFontScheme.MajorFont
Set majorFont = themeFonts(msoThemeLatin)

If f.Name = majorFont Then
Debug.Print f.Name
End If
End Sub

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