How to design rounded boxes and separators (like the App Settings view)?

I am wondering what is the good way to design interfaces such as the one in the Settings view on an application, for instance :

What I want to do is the nice round rectangle to separate categories and horizontal line separators between categories, I can have a label, text field, slider or any other control in each line...

Do we need to use an image in the background, that seems quite dirty to me, and I cant find any control in IB that seem to do the same kind of layout.

So, how is this done?


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Use a UITableView and set it's style to UITableViewStyleGrouped. Remember that the standard UITableViewCell's will just let you show some text and you may need to create custom UITableViewCell's to achieve more (for example, a on-off switch).

If you wan't to customise it you can add a background image. To do this, place a UIImageView behind the UITableView and make sure you set the UITableView background colour to clear:

theTableView.backgroundColor = [UIColor clearColor];

To seperate the categories make use of the "sections". More on UITableView's can be found here.

Basically, you can use grouped table.You can have sections with different/same number of rows.

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