How to define a DelegatingHandler for custom route?

I've created a DelegatingHandler and it works for every request. I've read some articles that i can define a handler for a specific route but I've tried a lot of ways without success, i'm missing something that i didn't found what is.

The last attempt was:

GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Routes.MapHttpRoute( name: "SaveMessage", routeTemplate: "api/message/{type}", defaults: new { type = RouteParameter.Optional }, constraints: null, handler: HttpClientFactory.CreatePipeline( new HttpControllerDispatcher(GlobalConfiguration.Configuration), new DelegatingHandler[]{new ValidationHandler()}) );

My class Controller and method has the follow attributes:

[RoutePrefix("api/message")] public class MessageController : ApiController { [Route("{type}")] [HttpPost] public HttpResponseMessage Save(string type, [FromBody] Message message) { .... } }

What is missing to my handler only works on requests like api/message/text?

I've read links like How to make more MapHttpRoutes for MVC 4 Api and

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The issue is the constraints that is set to null. You should define it like this for making it work for POST or GET:

constraints: new { httpMethod = new System.Web.Http.Routing.HttpMethodConstraint(HttpMethod.Post) }

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