How to bind this to a callback?

My previous question was a duplicate, I read the answer from the post it duplicated but no luck.

I've added in a bind as suggested in the answers in the SO post. But I am still getting undefined.

I have a series of promises, before each execution, I check whether the user has cancelled the promise chain.

My issue is, I cannot access 'this' inside the call back methods, a crude example is below, I cannot access the p.test variable inside getMoreData()

p.test = 'hello!'; p.init = function(){ var self = this; this.getData() .then(function(data) { return self.shouldContinue(getMoreData,data).bind(self); }); } p.shouldContinue = function(cb, data) { // ... this.currentRequest =,data); }; p.getData = function(){ // return ajax call }; p.getMoreData = function(){ console.log(this.test); // undefined // return ajax call };

-------------Problems Reply------------

Did you try this?
You need to bind this into the cb

p.test = 'hello!';

p.init = function(){
var self = this;
.then(function(data) {
return self.shouldContinue(getMoreData,data).bind(self);

p.shouldContinue = function(cb, data){
this.currentRequest = cb(this,data).bind(this);

p.getData = function(){
//return ajax call

p.getMoreData = function(){
console.log(this.test); //undefined
//return ajax call

Change to this:

p.init = function(){
var self = this;

.then(function(data) {
return self.shouldContinue.bind(self, self.getMoreData, data)();

  1. bind self.shouldContinue to self and give it appropriate param.

  2. .bind returns a Function, so, you need to call it.So the self.shouldContinue will continues to call self.getMoreData, otherwise it left there waiting to be called.

return self.shouldContinue(getMoreData,data).bind(self);

It looks like you're accidentally calling shouldContinue, and trying to bind its result, rather than binding the function without calling it. This should get you what you need.

return self.shouldContinue.bind(self, self.getMoreData, data);

Remember that getMoreData is a function that's not defined under variable scope, so it needs to be accessed with a .

EDIT: Also noticed shouldContinue has a similar issue, but I'm confused by the intent of some parts of your code so I've added a comment to ask for more information.

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