How to automatically update R to the latest patched version?

Is there any way to automatically update R on Mac OS X to the latest patched version (R-Patched) on a daily basis or some predetermined intervals?

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My impression is that compiling from source is the most (only?) reliable way to get the most recent patched version, but I could be wrong about this. A simple shell script to download the latest patched version and recompile would be:

curl -o /tmp/R-patched.tar.gz
tar xzvf /tmp/R-patched.tar.gz
cd /tmp/R-patched
cp bin/R <old_R_binary_location>

You could then use crontab to run this at regular intervals. I don't find the crontab man page to be very helpful, so I always end up referring back to guides such as this one.

I have a bash script that installs the daily patched build from Installed libraries remain untouched, except for those in core.

I update manually, but you could set up a cron job as @bnaul suggests. I'm not sure how it will handle the need for sudo'ing, however. You might have to move your R out of /Library/Frameworks and then change the script accordingly.

curl -s | sudo tar fvxz - -C /

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