How do I set the caption of one form when another form closes (C#)

I'm working on an application and I've encountered a strange issue, that I think should be simple, but isn't. What I'm trying to accomplish is set the main form's title caption to a specific value when the another form closes. Below is my most recent attempt at this.

// From the main form I have ObjectForm Objects = new ObjectForm(); Objects.GameName = this.Text; // this is a public string on the ObjectForm side // Here is what I have on the ObjectForm private void btnOK_click(object sender, EventArgs e) { MainForm Main = new MainForm(); Main.Text = this.txtGameName.Text; this.Close(); }

Any help will be gladly accepted, thanks :D

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You can't just instantiate a new MainForm, you need to get a reference to the existing instance.

Have a look in the documentation at Application.OpenForms

This code you have in your button click handler

MainForm Main = new MainForm();
Main.Text = this.txtGameName.Text;

Instantiates a new MainForm and sets it's title, this is completely separate instance to the MainForm that houses your application.

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