How do I see the url that I'm using in $.getJSON

I have the following code snip and am trying to debug it. Is there a way to get the full url string that the .getJSON call is calling?

opts = {}; opts['start'] = startdate; opts['end'] = enddate; opts['email'] = addresses; $.getJSON(url_count_string, opts, function(data){ drawChart(data, chartsData['hourChart']); });

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Firefox w/Firebug - "Net" tab.

Chrome - "Network" tab.

IE9 - "Network" tab.

Safari - "Network" tab.

Opera - Dragonfly "Network" tab.

if your url_count_string is relative & what you want to see if full url, then append url_count_string to current path.

If what you want to see is url with request params appended (x=123&y=456....), try to see XHR Net Panel in Firebug.

You know that the method is making a GET request, so it must be appending the data in the standard way.

Using this answer, we can do this:

function createGetParams(data) {
var ret = [];
for (var d in data) {
ret.push(encodeURIComponent(d) + "=" + encodeURIComponent(data[d]));
return ret.join("&");

var finalURL = url_count_string + '?' + createGetParams(opts);

Assuming the opts array and url_count_string variables are defined as they are in your question.

finalURL will be the URL that jQuery is sending the request to.

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