How do I disable warnings being flagged as errors in XCode

Is there a setting XCode that lets you treat warnings NOT as errors in XCode? I'm doing alot of prototyping code where I don't care if I have an unused variable for example. XCode is treating these warnings as errors and it is seriously slowing down my productivity. Can't figure out how to disable this though.

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If you open your project in XCode, then right click on your target in the Targets folder. Select "Get Info" form the drop down menu and then scroll down to the section for the compiler warnings (GCC 4.0 Warnings on my box). Here you can disable the checkboxes for the various warnings you have active. Also check the value of "Other Warning Flags". This could include -Wall or -WMost which will enable other warnings. You can remove that and hopefully your warnings will not appear.

Good luck!

In the build settings of your target there's an option named Treat Warnings as Errors. If it is on in your project, turn it off (even though this is the default).

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