How do I configure ActiveMQ with STOMP?

I'm using as a client for ActiveMQ to talk to VeriFIX. Verifix uses JMS.

There is an API topic to send commands to and a API.RESPONSE topic to receive responses.

Only the header arrives at the stomp client, but not the actual payload.

I seem to need to configure Message transformations on order for ActiveMQ to know how to serialize messages to STOMP clients. mentions XStream (XML) and Jettison (JSON)

How do I configure XStream or Jettison?


The solution is to include a 'transformation' header.

Valid values are: jms-map-json or jms-map-xml

Here is what the subscribe frame should look like.

SUBSCRIBE ack:auto destination:/topic/VERIFIX.API.REPLY transformation:jms-map-json ^@

After finding this I still can't find it in the ActiveMQ documentation.

Is this documented anywhere?

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Since you don't provide any detailed information just some general points which might help:

Here is a walkthrough including source on how someone else solved a similar scenario...

These are links including tutorials and source providing reference information on STOMP/XStream etc.:

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