How can the tab selection indicators be removed in the Android 3.0+ action bar?

I'm currently using an action bar in an application being developed in Android 4.0+. The action bar has been present since Android 3.0 and, when using the tabbed navigation style, has a 'selected tab' indicator shown.

See the tab indicator in this image:

I would like to remove this indicator, so that the tabs appear to be buttons. See the following image for the ideal result:

  • How can the tab selection indicators be removed in the Android 3.0+ action bar?

I have looked into the setDisplayOptions() method as well as the various flags relating to the ActionBar and ActionBar.Tab classes, but haven't found anything promising. StackOverflow, Google, and the Android Developers site all seem to lack any documentation for this effect.

While code is appreciated, even a point in the right direction would also be extremely helpful.

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